Brunch Menu

The Plate - 12

Choose your meat: pork tocino, chicken longaniza or beef tapa. Choose your eggs (2): fried, sunny side up or scrambled. Choose your starch: garlic rice or duck fat fried home fries.

The Breakfast Sammy - 10

Choose your meat: pork tocino or beef tapa.

Choose your egg (1): omelet, fried or scrambled.

Choose your cheese: sharp cheddar or Velveeta.

Served on a toasted Pandesol bun with mixed greens.

The Hurri-cone - 12

Waffle cone loaded with gooey Velveeta scrambled eggs, pork tocino, and duck fat fried home fries. Topped with Hollandaise sauce.

Tres Leches Bread Pudding - 12

Homemade three milk bread pudding served with homemade whip cream and real maple syrup.

Cure-all Arrozcaldo -12

Traditional Filipino style chicken and rice porridge topped with egg and scallions.

The Breads - 5

An assortment of sweet and savory Filipino breads served with butter and jam.


Sides - 3

Meats: chicken longaniza, beef tapa, pork tocino.

Starches: breads, garlic rice, duck fat fried home fries.

Brunch Cocktails

Kimchi Mary - 13

Our twist on the traditional Bloody Mary garnished with a fried crab wonton.

Guava Mimosa - 8

Our twist on the traditional Mimosa.

Lychee 75 - 10

Gin, Lychee juice, lemon, splash of cava

Mangosteen & Basil Seed Belini - 10

Our twist on the traditional Belini.


Coffees - 3

3-in-1: Instant coffee, sugar and cream in one, a SE Asian favorite.

Vietnamese Coffee: cold brew and sweetened condensed milk over ice.

Seven Roaster Drip.

Tazo Teas Assorted - 3

Juices: Orange, Cranberry, Pineapple, Lemonade - 3

Fizzy Waters - 2

Coke, Diet Coke, 7 Up

Fancy Fizzy Waters - 4

Bitters & Citrus, Ginger Beer

1356 East Olive Way Seattle, WA 98122

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