Fortunately most of us have shelter, food and drink while we do the right thing and self isolate. Due to COVID-19, it’s becoming quickly apparent others are not so lucky. As proud and grateful Seattle resto/bar owners of 14 years, we know many of our fellow industry folks are hurting right now. And we want to help.

So, we ask you to think back to your best “belly-up-to-the-bar, table service, skip the line, and the most mouth watering plate and cocktail experiences you’ve had - the ones that stuck to your gut and in your heart and mind’s eye - and let’s partner.

Purchase gift cards here and we’ll take 1/2 your amount(s) and make Sunday night dinner meals to go for hospitality workers. Meanwhile, we’ll automatically enter your name to win a $250 gift card of your own.

We Thank You for 14 years and appreciate all you do Seattle. Keep caring,

Knee High Stocking Co | Jeepney Cap Hill

Gift Card

1356 East Olive Way Seattle, WA 98122

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